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3M VentureShield
What is 3M VentureShield®

3M VentureShield is a urethane paint protection film with excellent elasticity properties and optical clarity. Designed to reduce stone chip, minor abrasion and environmental damage to car and motorcycle paintwork and headlights, it will help to retain the residual value of the vehicle and help prevent costly resprays.

3M VentureShield Paint Protection Film is extremely abrasive resistant, will withstand the impact from years of stone chipping and weathering, and remains optically clear year after year.

Click here to see the 3M VentureShield® warranty.

After hitting a garage wall at 8mph, 3M VentureShield® proves its industry-leading strength and puncture resistance.

In review, 3M VentureShield® Paint Protection Film exhibits the following:

  • High gloss adhesive film, with very high shear resistance
  • Virtually invisible once installed
  • Helps prevent stone chips and scuffs from ruining the paintwork
  • It will not creep or shrink over time
  • Remains optically clear with no yellowing
3M Venture Shield


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